Sunday, February 28, 2010

Resident Evil 5

So, I love how you can make a game with just three characters from the previous games in the series, tack on "Resident Evil," and occasionally mention "Raccoon City" to make it sell like Boondock Saints memorabilia at a convention honoring the movie with all it's biggest fans present. This game really has nothing to do with the previous four. Well, neither did four, but shut up. Four was loads better than five. So, you're Chris Redfield, or as I like to call him, Steroids Chris, and you get randomly partnered up with Sheva Alomar, to prevent racism issues from popping up. I remember when I looked up the details for the game before it came out... It would have been amazing. Example - When you would be exposed to the sun too long, you would become affected, and would have to go to the shade, and that would take transition, so you wouldn't be able to see as well for a second. You know, more realistic stuff. But then racism issues came into play... so they introduced her. Oh wait! But now what? Chris had a partner you say? Well, I will tell you my friend, Jared's, theory on this, which I fully believe in...


So... if you are an avid fan of the Resident Evil series, then you'll know that "back story" for Jill Valentine's "death" was never in any of the other games, you'll also know Jill is not blond. She is, in fact, brunette. Therefore, here is the theory on her "blond-ness:" So, bad-guy Albert Wesker kidnapped (blond) Sherry Birkin (presumably) and the blond Jill is supposed to be Sherry. I mean, that would make much more sense instead of saying stuff like "the progenitor virus turns the hair blond" or something. If you have any common sense, you can see Jill is not infected. She does not have glowing red eyes or super speed. All she has is a tight purple catsuit and some sort of mind control thing on her chest. (Of course) So that concludes the theory.


So my problem with Sheva is the fact the AI on the game is retarded. I had to get one of my friends to help me get through one boss fight on the game while playing professional because the AI kept dying. I have to give her something other than a handgun too, since she only uses one weapon. I have almost all the weapons on unlimited ammo, so I gave Sheva a shotgun, a handgun, a rifle, and her bow and arrows. But guess what she used?? Her freaking handgun. She would just keep shooting away at enemies with it, pathetically. Oh, and she would go around picking up ammunition for the thing. Why, you ask? I have no idea. Another thing, the AI likes shiny things. I was playing as Sheva, and the AI (Chirs) used a stun rod on a Chainsaw Majini, yes I am serious. I bet you can guess what happened next... I got the "your partner died" screen, and Capcom lost a little more of my faith. Lastly, I hate the AI because it would get in my way when I'm aiming and NOT MOVE. Once I was using my rocket launcher and right when I pulled the trigger, Sheva decided to sacrifice herself for the poor Majini.

So, in conclusion, Resident Evil 5 would have been MUCH better without Sheva. Period. (However, it wasn't that bad on lower difficulties because she didn't keep dying or getting in the way.)
Oh, and what did you think about the game? I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinion. =]


                                       "I see the light... The game really would have been better without Sheva!!"

God of War I mean, Dante's Inferno.

I hadn't played this game as the time of writing this, therefore this was an opinion, and I was entitled to it. =] However, there is a review edition now.


Okay, so I haven't exactly played this game (as stated above, don't bash or troll, please), but from what I've seen, and the storyline I've read... This is a Crusade version of God of War. I've also seen the animated movie, Dante's Inferno, which is the same thing as the video game, seemingly. So, the main character, Dante Alighieri, who is nothing like the actual Dante, is a veteran of the Third Crusade, and comes home to find everyone dead, including his "beloved Beatrice." Dante then discovers, if he hadn't *ahem* "cheated" on Beatrice, and remained faithful (as well as listened to his common sense), this wouldn't have happened. I don't know about you guys, but I smell a God of War rip-off. If you played the God of War games, (which are really good, might I add) you know if Kratos had just listened to the Oracle, his wife, and his daughter, Calliope, would have lived. Krat- I mean, Dante, then has to go to Hell to get Beatrice back from Satan's grasp. (Like Kratos goes to Hades to get Calliope back.) Dante also has a red... umm... tattoo? Yeah.. and red ribbons that are on his arms, like Kratos, sort of. Except Kratos has the chains of Athena's Blades embedded in his arms, which just sounds more epic. Dante has a fighting style that is incredibly similar to Kratos', from what I've seen. There is also another thing I have a problem with... that is the "moral decision" thing of Dante's Inferno... There really isn't one. I mean, I know you go around either saving the souls of the damned or freeing them to Paradise... but you still get the same ending. Seriously? There's also the City of Dis, which, as I've heard is disappointing. All you do is go around and break stuff. What? Does Dante need to go around and do this to relieve anger or something? There's nothing really going on in Dis...
So, in closing, What do you guys think of this game? God of War rip-off, or something new? Oh, and if something new, enlighten me, will you?
(Oh, and I do promise to play this game as soon as I can borrow it from somebody, 'cause I'd be paying for a $60.00 game with loan money...)


Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Beginnings

Hello all. I am rather new to blogging stuff for the world to read. So, first off allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tosha Boyd. I am a nineteen-year-old college freshman. My major is biology, and my minor is chemistry, although it may be subject to change. I've loved, and lost love. I've also been through a recent tragedy which no student should have to go through. Can you guess what it is? I bet it's been all over your local news, especially if you live in the southern United States. What I am speaking of is the "UAHuntsville shooting" I am, in fact a student there. I would like to put the facts out there, so you know.
Dr. Amy Bishop was an anatomy and physiology professor, and a neuroscience researcher here in Huntsville, as far as I know. On February 12, 2010 at approximately 4:05 PM she killed three of her colleagues and wounded three others. One of the people she wounded is my microbiology professor, Dr. Joseph Leahy, who was shot in the face or the head, and is still in critical condition, but improving greatly. We here, at UAHuntsville, are recovering. It's just very difficult. School, despite state mandated or not, is supposed to be safe. This kind of thing shouldn't happen, but it has. Also, I have seen certain articles about a supposed "Herpes Bomb" and I am here to say those claims are false. Actually, a "herpes bomb" wouldn't even work... The virus would get destroyed by the heat of the blast, plus herpes is not airborne. I hope I have brought light to anything that was in the dark, and dispelled anything that was false. You are welcome to leave comments or questions. Thank you, and I promise my next entry will not be so depressing.