Sunday, February 28, 2010

God of War I mean, Dante's Inferno.

I hadn't played this game as the time of writing this, therefore this was an opinion, and I was entitled to it. =] However, there is a review edition now.


Okay, so I haven't exactly played this game (as stated above, don't bash or troll, please), but from what I've seen, and the storyline I've read... This is a Crusade version of God of War. I've also seen the animated movie, Dante's Inferno, which is the same thing as the video game, seemingly. So, the main character, Dante Alighieri, who is nothing like the actual Dante, is a veteran of the Third Crusade, and comes home to find everyone dead, including his "beloved Beatrice." Dante then discovers, if he hadn't *ahem* "cheated" on Beatrice, and remained faithful (as well as listened to his common sense), this wouldn't have happened. I don't know about you guys, but I smell a God of War rip-off. If you played the God of War games, (which are really good, might I add) you know if Kratos had just listened to the Oracle, his wife, and his daughter, Calliope, would have lived. Krat- I mean, Dante, then has to go to Hell to get Beatrice back from Satan's grasp. (Like Kratos goes to Hades to get Calliope back.) Dante also has a red... umm... tattoo? Yeah.. and red ribbons that are on his arms, like Kratos, sort of. Except Kratos has the chains of Athena's Blades embedded in his arms, which just sounds more epic. Dante has a fighting style that is incredibly similar to Kratos', from what I've seen. There is also another thing I have a problem with... that is the "moral decision" thing of Dante's Inferno... There really isn't one. I mean, I know you go around either saving the souls of the damned or freeing them to Paradise... but you still get the same ending. Seriously? There's also the City of Dis, which, as I've heard is disappointing. All you do is go around and break stuff. What? Does Dante need to go around and do this to relieve anger or something? There's nothing really going on in Dis...
So, in closing, What do you guys think of this game? God of War rip-off, or something new? Oh, and if something new, enlighten me, will you?
(Oh, and I do promise to play this game as soon as I can borrow it from somebody, 'cause I'd be paying for a $60.00 game with loan money...)


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