Sunday, June 6, 2010

Portal 2

OMG! Portal 2?! Yes please! =D Okay, so I've known about this for at least a couple of months now, so sorry if you guys are just now finding out. But, I need to gush. =3 Game Informer has a hub here:
(photo of Chell and Aperture Labs (c) Valve Corp.)
Anyway, I am so thrilled about this game, but I've gotten some really dumb questions from people such as: "How can there be a two? Chell died in the first."
Um... no, she didn't. There's a special ending to the game **SPOILER??** [highlight to see] were a robot drags you away, telling you "Thank you for assuming the party escort submission position."
Also, I'm really excited because I heard the ending of Portal 2 may lead up to, are you ready for this? Half-Life 3. I told someone this, and got another stupid question: "How? The games have nothing to do with each other." [Or something like that] I sighed, did a mental facepalm, and tried to be nice. My response: "What?! They're in the same universe!!!!!!!!! GLaDOS pretty much laughs at Black Mesa in the ending credits, and Gordon works for Black Mesa!"
-sigh- Some people. But yeah, Portal 2 is supposed to be coming out this holiday season, which probably explains Aperture Science's Christmas themed website, complete with the Companion Cube, a tree, a fire place with Chompski on the mantel [if you don't know who Chompski is, you have just made me very sad] THE CAKE, and orange-wrapped gifts... [hehehehe orange boxes]
But, Valve is going to get sixty or so of my dollars when this game comes out, because I love Valve. =3 In my opinion, they make the best FPS's out there.

[This cake is great. =D]

Yep, that is me, and I did make that cake. =3

UPDATE:: I heard a couple of days ago, Portal 2's release date is being pushed back to next year... -sigh- Oh well, I'm just still excited they're making it, and about the [possible] ending. OMG! <3 Haha
Not sure about that bit of information, because Aperture's Science's site is still very festive... =]


  1. I'm pretty excited about this and the fact i can now play steam games on my mac :)

  2. haha, Came across this looking for a portal cake for my website. Hope it tasted as good as it looks :P

  3. you do have a very nice cake. oldukçada mmm looks tasty =) gonna be a favor to give me directions? I want to do with my own hands. GLaDOS me to give the cake recipe 's tests will not test right? =)

  4. Tosha please... waiting for your reply very willing to make this cake =(

  5. Almost 5 years later and we're still waiting on a Half-Life 3 announcement! ;)