Monday, March 15, 2010

God of-- Oh, alright, Dante's Inferno, The review edition.

Alright, after actually playing the game it's completely different from God of War, nothing's the same, so I'm sorry that I was wr- HAHA! I'm just kidding, my opinion really hasn't changed. So, the story line is [if only slightly, in my opinion] different from God of War [or at least how the story comes to be], the combat is eerily similar, and Dante and Kratos both like screaming and sounding a bit like chain smokers when they do so. I do have a problem with just Dante, though. He's an idiot. He doesn't have any idea how a tattoo works... *sigh* The way he got the Crusader's Cross in the movie was so much better. Even the way you get health and "mana" or magic and energy is the same. In Dante's Inferno, they are fountains, in God of War they are chests. However, the way you collect the health/mana etc. is the same. You go up to it, press one button, then press another reaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyy fast to collect the stuff. I do enjoy the game though, but maybe it's 'cause I loved God of War. But that's pretty much my say on this game. I suppose I'll go back to it now. Thanks for reading.


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