Saturday, March 20, 2010


So, in Pyschonauts, you are Rasputin, or Raz for sort, and Raz runs away from the circus (rather than to it) to a summer camp for training Pyschonauts, or psychic soldiers. In all honesty, I don't have many problems with this game at all, overall it is amazing. The only things that bothered me about the game was (1) it's really odd camera angles, which caused me to die several times, (2) it's pointless and way-too-often cut-scenes, although there weren't that many (so that's just nit-picking) and (3) it's really odd difficulty curve.

(1) Those camera angles... *sigh*  they can be awful, but there are only two instances in the game which caused me to die several times, and those were both fairly close to the ending. But it was still rather annoying.
(2) So, the cut-scenes... There were, yet again, only a few times this really bothered me... There's once in the beginning, and Raz is talking to a couple of his friends, and then, when I get to play again, I walk about five feet and BAM! Another cut scene. Neither one was vital to the story line, really, but oh well, it's still an amazing game.
(3) Wow... the difficulty curve... Well, in the beginning, you are running around doing tutorial-type missions, and just roaming around camp, but then the curve suddenly spikes like a character's hair from one of those cartoons when they put their finger in the light socket. Then it drops again, and then rises... again. As such -->

(yes, I drew that, shut-up)

But other than that, this game is perfect. It's different, comical, and most importantly fun. So, if you don't already have it, I recommend you go out and buy it... now. =]

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