Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Stacker 2 [FLASH SUNDAY]

So, I've decided, since I may not be able to post on an actual console game every week, I can review/critique some of the millions of Flash games on the internet. Here it goes...
So Super Stacker 2 is a really good puzzle game that can be found here. It is brilliantly put together, with several puzzles increasing in difficulty, and very clever names for each puzzle. I have only one complaint with this game, and it's that you can't turn the music or sound off. Eventually the music will go away, but you don't have the option to turn it off yourself, which would be nice, as I like to listen to my own music while playing games, especially the Flash games, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Other than that, this game is amazing, so if you love puzzle games, you'll love this one. It really becomes a challenge once you get higher up, too. I had some trouble with number 27, entitled "Waiter's Arms." But it's still great. =]

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